Best Avocado Sushi Recipes to Try Out

Avocado Sushi Recipes to Try Out

Are you a sushi lover looking for a healthy and delicious twist on your favorite dish? Look no further than avocado sushi! Not only does the creamy texture of ripe avocado complement the delicate flavors of traditional sushi, but it also adds a nutritious boost to your meal. Whether you’re new to making sushi at home or an experienced pro, these avocado sushi recipes are sure to impress. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and try out some of the best avocado sushi recipes around!

Understanding Sushi-Making Basics

Sushi-making may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice and some basic knowledge of the process, anyone can make delicious sushi rolls right in their own home. Understanding the basics is key to getting started.

Firstly, it’s essential to have all your tools ready before beginning. You’ll need a sharp knife for cutting the fish and vegetables, a bamboo mat for rolling the sushi, and a bowl of water for dipping your hands in while handling sticky rice.

Next up is selecting the perfect sushi rice. Short-grain white rice is typically used for making sushi due to its slightly sweet taste and sticky texture when cooked. It’s important to rinse the rice several times beforehand to remove excess starch and ensure an even cook.

Once you have your ingredients prepared and ready to go, there are three main steps in making sushi: preparing the rice, assembling your fillings on top of nori seaweed sheets or inside-out rolls (uramaki), then tightly rolling everything together using your bamboo mat.

It takes time and patience to get that perfectly rolled piece of avocado roll or nigiri on your plate but mastering these basics will help you achieve amazing results every time!

Tools You’ll Need

In order to make delicious avocado sushi, you’ll need a few essential tools. First and foremost, you will need a good-quality sushi mat or rolling mat made from bamboo. This is used to roll the rice and other ingredients into perfect sushi rolls.

You will also need a sharp knife for cutting your avocado and other ingredients, as well as a wooden spoon or spatula for spreading out the rice evenly on the nori sheets.

A small bowl of water is also helpful when making sushi. You can dip your fingers in it to prevent the sticky rice from sticking too much.

Other helpful items include plastic wrap for wrapping your mat before use, soy sauce dishes for serving dipping sauce, and chopsticks for enjoying your delicious creations!

By having these basic tools on hand, you’ll be well-equipped to create perfectly rolled avocado sushi that looks just like it came straight from your favorite Japanese restaurant!

The Perfect Sushi Rice

The perfect sushi rice is the foundation of any great sushi recipe, including avocado sushi. It should be sticky enough to hold together when rolled but not too mushy or overcooked. Here are some tips for making the perfect sushi rice.

Firstly, it’s important to choose the right type of rice. Short-grain Japanese rice is the most commonly used because it has a high starch content that makes it stickier than other types of rice.

Before cooking the rice, you need to rinse it several times until the water runs clear. This will remove excess starch and debris from the grains.

Next, you’ll need to measure out your ingredients carefully. The ratio of water to rice should be around 1:1 but can vary slightly depending on your preferences and altitude.

Once you’ve added your ingredients, bring them to a boil before reducing heat and letting them simmer with a lid on for around 18-20 minutes or until all liquid has been absorbed.

Let your cooked rice sit covered for an additional 10-15 minutes off heat before fluffing with a fork and using in your favorite avocado sushi recipe!

Preparing Your Avocado

Before diving into the delicious recipes, it is important to know how to properly prepare your avocado. Start by selecting a ripe avocado that gives slightly when gently squeezed.

To slice the avocado, first cut it in half lengthwise around the seed. Twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate them, then remove and discard the seed.

Next, use a spoon to scoop out each half of the flesh from its skin. Cut each half into even slices or cubes for easy rolling or topping on your sushi.

One tip for keeping your avocados fresh is to leave the pit intact on one half and wrap tightly with plastic wrap before storing in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Now that you know how to prepare your avocado like a pro, let’s dive into some amazing avocado sushi recipes!

Traditional Avocado Sushi Roll Recipe

The traditional avocado sushi roll is a classic recipe that every sushi enthusiast should try. It’s an excellent option for vegetarians and those seeking a healthy alternative to meat-based dishes.

To make the perfect avocado sushi roll, you need to start with high-quality ingredients. The key ingredients include nori seaweed sheets, Japanese short-grain rice, seasoned rice vinegar, and ripe avocados.

To prepare the sushi rice, rinse it several times until the water runs clear. Cook it in a saucepan according to package instructions before seasoning it with rice vinegar.

Next, lay out your nori sheet on top of your bamboo mat and spread the prepared sushi rice evenly over it. Add thin slices of ripe avocado at one end before rolling up tightly using your bamboo mat.

Once rolled up tight, cut into bite-size pieces using a sharp knife and serve immediately with soy sauce or other dipping sauces of choice.

This traditional avocado sushi roll recipe is simple yet delicious and can be customized by adding other fillings such as cucumber or carrot sticks for added crunchiness.

Step-by-step Instructions

When it comes to making avocado sushi rolls, the process may seem intimidating at first. But fear not! With a little practice and patience, you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making traditional avocado sushi rolls:

1) Begin by preparing your sushi rice according to the package instructions.

2) Cut your avocado into thin slices and set aside.

3) Lay out a sheet of nori seaweed on top of your bamboo mat with the shiny side facing down.

4) Wet your hands with water so that the rice doesn’t stick and begin spreading an even layer of rice over the nori, leaving about 1 inch of space at the top uncovered.

5) Place your sliced avocado along with any other desired fillings (such as cucumber or crab meat) onto the bottom half of the rice-covered nori sheet.

6) Use both hands to pick up the edge of the mat closest to you while using your fingers to hold in place any ingredients that might fall out. Roll away from you tightly until completely rolled up, sealing off with exposed strip without rice by moistening it slightly before finishing roll.

Follow these simple steps for perfect traditional avocado sushi rolls every time.

Avocado Nigiri Recipe

Avocado Nigiri sushi is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy the creamy goodness of avocado. It’s perfect for vegetarians or anyone looking for healthy sushi options. To make this dish, you’ll need some fresh avocado and perfectly seasoned sushi rice.

To start, slice your avocado into thin pieces and set aside. Then, shape your cooled sushi rice into small rectangles using wet hands or a mold. Place each piece of sliced avocado on top of the rice rectangle.

For added flavor, you can drizzle soy sauce or ponzu sauce over each piece before serving. You can also add toppings like sesame seeds or thinly sliced scallions for extra texture and taste.

Not only is Avocado Nigiri easy to make at home with few ingredients needed, but it’s also a great option if you’re trying to cut back on raw fish consumption. This vegetarian sushi roll allows you to enjoy all the flavors and textures of traditional sushi without sacrificing taste!

Spicy Avocado Hand Roll

If you’re a fan of spice, the Spicy Avocado Hand Roll is definitely worth trying out. This hand roll combines the creamy texture of avocado with the heat of spicy mayo and Sriracha sauce.

To make this roll, start by preparing your sushi rice and cutting your avocado into thin slices. Then place a sheet of nori on a flat surface and spread a thin layer of sushi rice over it, leaving about an inch at the top uncovered.

Next, add your sliced avocado to the bottom half of the nori sheet and drizzle some spicy mayo and Sriracha sauce over it. Fold up the bottom corner tightly to create a cone shape, then seal both sides by pressing firmly.

Serve immediately for maximum crunchiness!

This hand roll is perfect for those who want to try something new but still crave that classic combination of creaminess from avocado paired with bold flavors. Plus, it’s relatively easy to make once you get comfortable working with nori sheets!

Vegan Avocado & Vegetable Sushi Roll

If you’re a vegan or simply looking for healthy sushi options, then this Vegan Avocado & Vegetable Sushi Roll is definitely worth trying out. With fresh ingredients and a variety of tasty veggies, it’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

To make this roll, you’ll need nori sheets, sushi rice, avocado slices and an assortment of vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers. You can also add in some tofu or tempeh for added protein.

Begin by cooking the sushi rice according to package instructions. Once done, spread it evenly onto the nori sheet leaving about an inch uncovered at one end. Layer on your sliced avocado and vegetables before rolling the sushi tightly into a cylinder shape.

Slice the roll into bite-sized pieces using a sharp knife and serve with soy sauce or wasabi for dipping. This Vegan Avocado & Vegetable Sushi Roll is perfect as a light meal or party appetizer that both vegans and non-vegans alike will enjoy!

Deconstructed Avocado Sushi Bowl

If you’re looking for a sushi option that’s easy to make and customizable, the deconstructed avocado sushi bowl is perfect for you. This dish takes all of the delicious flavors of traditional sushi rolls but presents them in a new way.

To start, prepare your sushi rice according to instructions. While the rice cooks, slice up some avocado and any other veggies or toppings you’d like to add – cucumber, carrots, edamame are great options!

Once everything is prepped, it’s time to assemble your bowl. Start by adding a layer of sushi rice on the bottom of your bowl or plate. Then arrange your sliced avocado and other toppings on top.

For an added crunch and flavor boost, sprinkle some sesame seeds over everything. And if you want to add some protein to this vegetarian dish, consider topping with tofu or tempura shrimp.

The beauty of this dish is how easily it can be customized – feel free to experiment with different veggies or sauces until you find your perfect combination!

The Perfect Pairings: What to Serve with Avocado Sushi

Pairing the perfect drinks and sides with your avocado sushi can take your dining experience to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink or a crunchy side, we’ve got you covered.

To start off, one of the most popular pairings is green tea. Not only does it perfectly complement the flavors of avocado sushi, but it also provides many health benefits such as reducing stress levels and aiding in digestion.

For those who prefer an alcoholic beverage, sake or Japanese beer are great options. Sake has a delicate flavor that pairs well with any type of sushi while Japanese beer’s light taste complements the creamy texture of avocado.

If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try pairing your avocado sushi with miso soup or edamame beans. Miso soup’s umami flavor enhances the richness of avocado while edamame’s saltiness balances out its creaminess.

For those who want to add some crunch to their meal, tempura vegetables or shrimp make great sides. The crispy texture adds depth to each bite and brings out the flavors in both dishes.

There are plenty of delicious pairings that will elevate your dining experience when enjoying avocado sushi rolls. So why not experiment and find new favorite combinations?


Avocado sushi is a delicious and healthy option for anyone looking to try something new or switch up their sushi game. With its creamy texture and unique flavor, avocado adds a delightful twist to traditional sushi rolls.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi chef or just starting out, these recipes are easy to follow and can be customized to your liking. From the classic avocado roll to the deconstructed sushi bowl, there’s a recipe for everyone.

Remember that when making any type of sushi at home, it’s important to use fresh ingredients and take the time to perfect your technique. But with practice and patience, you’ll soon be impressing your friends and family with your homemade avocado creations.

So next time you’re craving some sushi but want to try something different, give one of these tasty avocado recipes a try!

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